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 Busyness To Business: Chasing To An Endless Mirage

busyness to business: chasing to an endless mirage

Yatin Samant, Founder, Powerful Perspectives

The Ever Evolving Co-Working Industry

the ever evolving co-working industry

Amit Ramani, Founder & CEO, Awfis Space Solutions

Your Saviour when in Need

your saviour when in need

Deepshikha Singh, Managing Editor

Trends In Technological Innovation Rapidly Shaping The New Business Landscape

trends in technological innovation rapidly shaping the new business landscape

Adam Storch, Vice President - Business Solutions, Micro Strategies

Making Quality A Priority: The Importance Of ISO

making quality a priority: the importance of iso

Anoop Garg, Deputy General Manager - Corporate Legal, Aircel

Evolving Role Of Financial Consulting In India

evolving role of financial consulting in india

Neeraj Basur, Group Chief Financial Officer, Blue Star Limited

Quality Management Today & Tomorrow

quality management today & tomorrow

Karuna Pande, Director Operation, Amazon

Consulting For Early Stage Ventures

consulting for early stage ventures

Vivek Sinha, SBU Head, OYO

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